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Print Standards of Calvary Publishing
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Author materials (including websites) contrary to our Doctrinal Statement and Standards will not be considered for production.

The King James Bible We believe that the King James Bible is the preserved and inspired Word of God for English speaking people. We will not publish any material that condones any other English version, or any “correcting” of the King James Bible.

We further ask that Scripture references in the materials that we print be quoted exactly as they appear in Scripture. Please view our Project Preparation page for more details.

If you want your Scriptures to stand out, you may use a different font or make it bold, while still maintaining the italics as found in the King James Bible.

Repentance When giving the plan of salvation, the following must be included:

Separation from worldliness We will not accept references condoning the following:

Modest apparel We will not accept references condoning the immodest appearance of men (e.g. long hair or earrings) or women (e.g. pants, swimsuits, shorts, sundresses, tight clothing, mini-skirts, tank-tops, or short hair).

Scorn We reserve the right to request that the author rephrase or exclude any comments we feel contains un-Christ like criticisms and condemnations of others. We must remember we are ambassadors for Christ, and we are trying to win the lost to God.

False doctrines Regarding "-isms," cults and other religions. We will not accept materials condoning the doctrines, beliefs, and/or practices of any "-ism," cult, or religion differing from the doctrines, convictions, standards and beliefs of the Independent, Fundamental, Bible-Believing Baptists (e.g. Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic, Masonry, Calvinistic philosophy, Hyper-Dispensationalists, Communism, Islam, or Pentecostal).

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